Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hi there,

just experienced something that i felt i had to blog about: yesterday
was the first time that i saw a thunderstorm here in La Paz. First
from inside a building, and then driving through the city by taxi. The
center of the storm was quite close, counting the seconds from flash
to thunder. And the lightnings felt quite close. I don't know, i guess
that is because i am at almost 4000m altitude, closer to the clouds.
But now to the most impressive part: When we stopped because two of us
had to leave the car, lightning stroke. To be more precise, it stroke
ten meters in front of me, into a tree. All the lights went out in the
neighbourhood and i saw a glowing part of a tree falling down. The
thunder was there immediately and REALLY loud.
Well, that's that. First time i experienced a flash that close. At the
time i was sitting inside the cab, so according to all physics
teachers i know i was perfectly safe (except for falling trees and the
likes). My two friends were standing outside of the cab and told me it
was quite scary for them. I guess so.


Die Grillsaison ist eröffnet

Hallo allemiteinander!

Nachdem hier in Suedamerika ja Sommer ist, wird natuerlich auch
gegrillt. War seit meiner Ankunft in Bolivien viermal Grillen
bei Freunden hier =)
Sehr gemuetlich, leckeres Fleisch und so. Natuerlich nicht die
gesuendeste Ernaehrung, hat aber saugut geschmeckt. Hehe. Und eifrig
getrunken wird natuerlich auch, ist teil der Lebensfreude.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Just a short blog entry: yesterday i arrived in Bogota. I am being hosted by a nice friend of a friend and so far really like Bogota. I had a great view over the whole city, day and night view. About eight million people live here, more or less as much as the whole Austrian population. So it is a big city for me =) Also went to the Botero museum, a nice park and a huge university campus, through the old city, etc etc i have seen more or less all the places show on the pics of the wikipedia page, just on my first day here. Except for the hailstorm ;) but i heard about it...

In short, i am enjoying the life that i have again! Oh yes, and the first two weeks in Bolivia were grrreat tambien, Oruro carnaval was incredible, pics will follow when i get to it...

Hasta la proxima