Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clear colours

So the football madness has started in Austria. I'm not really interested, like always with football, but anyways. I got some good friends to visit me in here in Vienna, and that's a good thing. And i understand that this is a big event so people want to go there (public viewing at least) and enjoy fun in the masses. After all, i've been in Germany two times during the worldchampionship in 2006. Great atmosphere, excited people. Though, admittedly, Austria won't make it that far. We are the underdogs, hell, we just organize the whole thing so we can finally participate in a European football championship. Whatever.

Funny for me: today i walked through the inner city. Lots of Polish people, most of them wearing the Polish flag. I didn't have the heart to ask them why they are running around wearing the Viennese flag. They wouldn't have understood it anyways. But nice of them to show their affection for the city they're in =)
(in case you didn't know: the Polish national flag is identical to the flag of the city of Vienna - half white, half red. Compare this and this)

Plus, a nice summary of Austria by a British journalist: read the Austria part of this article. A quote:

Let's face it - Austria's a hard country to love. It's not like Australia, or Ireland, or crazy old Iceland - those razzy, feel-good nations anyone would invite round for gin and Pictionary. Austria's image is a bit, well - “slightly off-putting” would be wildly understating it. This is the country that started the First World War, invented a fascism so regionally specific they called it Austrofascism and gave us Hitler. And since the war Hitler started - in which, sadly, 70 million people died - the only time Austria's been in the news has been whenever one its citizens is discovered to have fashioned some novel underground prison and hidden an unfortunate child there.

On top of all this, Austria has wine that tastes like fox urine, a selection of wholly irredeemable cheeses and manufactures the world's most disgusting, unenvironmentally friendly sweet, PEZ; a Tic-Tac that comes in a miniature animal-headed tank made of pure asbestos.

Hilarious, innit?

-going to watch football, ayayay que aburrido, now with his Croatian and Greek friends.