Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feel sLOVEenia

Hey there,

guess where i've been last weekend:

Yupp, visiting friends in Maribor. A nice weekend, good fun. Pictures will follow on my picture page, this blog entry is just a short teaser ;-) i've been there on a 'cultural exchange'. Funnily enough we had a Polish friend with us and after she saw a poster of it we went into an exhibition of 'Polish icons of architecture'. That was the only museum thingie we saw from the inside on that weekend.
Europe, ain't it wonderful, all mixed through.

Oh and in case you're wondering, i've hardly been travelling at all during the last month. My last travel was a month ago, in the end of March, also to Slovenia. To the town of Osilnica, home of local hero Peter Klepec. And just at the Croatian border - since it's a Schengen-border now they were constructing some new border stations, yet unfinished. Funny to see in a place where you'd expect almost nobody crossing except some local residents.
Anyways, that thing at the end of March was a working meeting, organised by friends from Ljubljana. With people from all over Europe. Hehe.

Speaking of Croatia: do you know Cedevita? It's a pulver to put into water, pure chemistry, love it. Croatians are very fond of it, also telling everyone how healthy it is, with all those vitamins and so on. Whatever, i recently ran out of Cedevita. Had a 1.1 kg-bag since last year, a present from a friend. So now that i was in Slovenia i refilled my stock. Now look what i've got:

Yummy! And six different tastes: blood orange, regular orange (the classic taste), mandarin orange, lingonberry(!), lemon and grapefruit. They say it's the best hangover medicine. Well, i'll simply use it whenever i feel like having something purely artificial.