Monday, January 26, 2009

Banksy no more

Maybe you've heard of Banksy, maybe not. Sure has made some nice pieces. I recently bought his book entitled 'Wall and Piece' and can highly recommend it - good fun to read, or look at.
All the more interesting to find one of his works in the streets of your own city (well, at least if you live outside of the UK, this is something special, i guess). Well, i haven't, but a friend of mine has found one a couple of months ago (thanks for the pic), look:

The police-smiley. I asked her where that was. Unfortunately i was too late:

They painted over it, well, most of it. And someone has scratched "BANKSY HATES YOU" into that :-)

...when hell freezes over

Hey there,

maybe you know the idiom "until hell freezes over". Hell, a rather mythological and hence non-existent place, can be a rather ridiculous topic to research since it simply does not exist, "it's all in your miiind!". But well, in the traditions around here it has mostly been described by whoever made it up as a hot place.
Having lived in the desert for a while i was quite reminded of that old idiom when i read the news yesterday: snow on the gulf!
See here or here .
A mountain in UAE, quite a rare thing as such, and covered in snow. And then it's so remote that it can only be reached by helicopter. And so the only people able to enjoy real snow there are some rich bastards. All the rest might get a chance in Ski Dubai but after growing up in Austria i find the idea of indoor skiing kind of pervert. Well, well, those are strange times...



ps: if you haven't heard that story about hell freezing over by that student, go here and enjoy.