Friday, September 05, 2008

Livin' here

If you have read this blog for a while, you know that i really like going to the cinema and i don't take it for granted that i can simply go to the movies. So anyways, since this is kind of a diary blog, a couple of words of living in my old home city again. I really liked the first part when it was released in 2005 so i eagerly awaited its sequel. It has become common practice to release blockbusters on the same day worldwide since Episode II and the LotR trilogy. But for some unknown reason the 'clever guys' somewhere up there in the movie industry decided to not do that and delayed The Dark Knight for a month in German-speaking countries. Well, they never acted logically or anything. Was quite hard to not read anything about the movie that whole month and i was really tempted to go watch it when i was in Belgium in the first week of August - but in the end i didn't (lots of other things to do there, plus i don't really like subtitles in two different languages...). Blablabla long story short: i finally got to see it here in Vienna and quite liked it. Here's a shot from inside the cinema:
I saw that 'classic look'-Joker PEZ dispenser and just had to buy it =)
Other than that, about living here: last weekend i did a nice trip to the Alps, to be more precise to the Schneeberg which is a mountain quite close to Vienna. I stayed overnight at this hut which has a big rock next to it. One can climb up that rock and see the beautiful landscape all around. I sat up there watching a gorgeous sunset. If it wasn't for some airplanes above your head you could sit there and think you're the only person in the world, nobody else in your view. Great. Take a look at this picture i took:

Marvellous, innit?


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